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A simple and VRChat-ready (PC and Quest) 3D model of an anthropomorphic amphibian.

My second 3D model ever created, I have close to no experience with modeling nor texturing. Yet everything has been made from scratch, both model and textures.

This model will possibly have modifications and updates depending on the plans I have and the feedback I receive. Whether it is for compatibility issues about editing or using the model, or info needed about the model itself and its contents.

For any questions or feedback kindly feel free to join my Discord server (by clicking the previous "Discord" word)! By such you can also freely interact with peeps, get updates about any of my projects, hang out, and mainly have fun!

For each feature I'd let you discover by yourself, there is a public available model on VRChat, or you can ask me on Discord before buying!

Required ressources for VRChat use:

Poyomi Toon Shader (Click me!)

Dynamic bones (Click me!)


  • Two 8K textures, both for the base colour and the roughness/glossiness, and one 4K texture for the eyes.
  • ~20K polygons.
  • Full-body ready (VRChat).
  • 5 Simulated dynamic bones only.
  • Simple visemes and facial expressions intended of use for VRChat only (this model does NOT have precise visemes like moving one eyebrow or moving the corner of the maw only).
  • An Unity package having everything you need: containing the default model, the original textures and the materials, every animation like hand gestures and every animation component already done, and of course the Unity scene to be instantly uploaded in VRChat.
  • A .blend file to be able to edit the model in Blender. There are two UV maps, one that is mirrored, and the other that is not. The original textures have been made using the mirrored version. Be sure to export the model with the correct UV map accordingly.

Does NOT contain:

  • Substance Painter files (as I know a lot of people use it for retexturing).
  • Clothing (PLANNED TO BE ADDED).
  • Custom animations like dances or gestures overriding the whole body.
  • The Quest version of the model and its files.

Obviously enough, no refunds, it's a digital copy. Please credit me (Dræghy#0979) as the creator of the model.

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You'll get the model, the .blend and .fbx files, the textures, the Unity files.

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2 ratings
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